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Instructions for making a PayPal link people can follow to donate money to you

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i've coded up a javascript encryption thing and ill be adding it today, stay tuned.

Carol Haynes:
Don't know what you have done, but my PayPal link no longer works.

It seems that where ever there is an '&' in the URL, specified in my profile, it has been replaced by '&amp;'

i spent MANY HOURS cursing at my computer getting my javascript solution to this to work.
took about 1 hour to code it, 5 hours to figure out why javascript wasn't always working (answer, certain characters were being escaped out during the call).

hope you like the solution.  uses a simple encryption plus a confirmation dialog so people can see EXACTLY where they are being redirected to.

the obfuscation is also used on email links, so if you decide to make your email visible to the world here it will be obfuscated to prevent email harvesting robots as well.

this should keep everyone's email here safe  :Thmbsup:

Carol Haynes:
Great - seems to be working now ...

Carol Haynes:
One thought - same trick needs to be aimed at Columnist and Program writers pages on the site as they have links to PayPal (and presumably others) coded into their pages ...


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