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Instructions for making a PayPal link people can follow to donate money to you

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you know that is a VERY good point!

bots do scan websites and harvest emails for spam...
hmm, ok let's see how can we fix this..
maybe an encrypted paypal link is needed after all somehow...
-mouser (October 22, 2005, 08:43 AM)
--- End quote ---
This is a tiny bit unrelated but what can you do (other than delete this post, block me from the forum and/or plant viruses onto my computer). Here's a thing which is supposed to help destroy spambots: (I don't understand how it works)

just wanted to add a note:

the $ under people's names is for people to make small donations to a user if they appreicate their help.

if you don't want to set up a paypal account or something like that, feel free to add a non-paypal link to your favorite charity or something, so people who want to express their thanks can make a donation in your honor.

another great alternative is to make a book wishlist on so people can buy you a book.

I like this idea.

How well would this work for school districts and non-profit organizations?

For example, could schools use this technique as a fundraiser. It would be less intrusive for neighbors (and safer for students) than the door to door candy, calendars and junk jewelry sales that schools use now.

I founded an Open Source movement for teacher materials, but since I give materials to teachers without cost, I feel uncomfortable asking for donations for myself.

Joseph Chmielewski

How-to know, do, live, dream, teach...with insight and imagination


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