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Tool for editing mp4 videos

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I would like something like this too - a program that can handle h.264 (mp4, mov as well as containers like mkv), has simple NLE editing (trim, cut, copy, timeline) and does no transcoding if its not required.

- QuickTime Pro is very good with basic editing of .MOV files, of course. I don't remember if the free version can do anything.

PRO will edit .MP4 files just fine, but will convert (instantly) into .MOV when saving.
The free version can't edit.

Avidemux can do basic cut/trim operations on MPEG4-AVC without doing re-encodes, (at least it did when I just tried it).

There are a few caveats though:
1) There's no guarantee you can open it successfully not using Safe Mode - if you use Safe Mode you may lose A/V sync.
2) Cuts should be performed on keyframes (Frame type I). More specifically set the A point on an I frame and the B point on the frame before the next I frame for the section you want to cut.
3) Make sure the video ends up starting on a keyframe.

Then just set the Video/Audio to Copy, Format to MP4, (must be the same as input format), and save.

Tool for editing mp4 videos

If you want to do pasting then you may have to slice'n'dice the original video and then append the sections how you want them.

Experiment, I don't do MP4-AVC encodes because my standalone only handles MPEG4-ASP and for that Avidemux works fine.


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