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"Grivitation-like" paradigm would have helped in the interim

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I'm not the Mod, but perhaps it is better to restart this thread.  If you have positive input about the topic, please post in the new thread here.

Please refrain from criticism for a while to allow free reign to uninhibited thoughts and ideas.

I stopped reading the rest of the posts in this thread at reply #39. I tired of reading a flame war.

In protest I will no longer read or post in this thread.

Consider this my protest as well. I am sorry, but CodeTRUCKER, I am sick of reading your threads. You make unnecessary references to things that need not be resurrected and instead totally miss the entire point of what you are trying to accomplish. A flame war was the only outcome I could even forsee of mentioning gri. I am sorry, but I am now placing you on a permanent ignore and will be ignoring your threads. This is the second time you have turned what would be a good idea into something that I think you actually want to happen, a flame war or way to attack others. It makes me question your real motives and makes me wonder what you are really trying to accomplish here. Dont bother apologizing to me, I for one am done. DC is a great place and I really dont want to be involved in watching it be ruined because of one user's desire to spur flame invoking threads or posts.

By the way, posting a new thread does not obsolve you of what was started in this thread. Please, do the right thing in the future, THINK about what you are posting before you do so. Stuff like what has happened here and in your other thread which resulted in you deleting all of your posts (juvenille) can easily be avoided by thinking before posting.

Let me be clear... I'm not apologizing for wrongs I did not commit.  I don't live in a world of PC (political Correctness) and I am not going to start here.  Wordzilla's actions were wrong and the forum's inaction toward him was wrong as well.  It left a void which I filled and as usual the forum didn't like the response.  This is nothing new.

I have written enough and any with ears to hear will hear and any that have eyes to see will see.  The rabid blind will continue to tear and rend that which their narrow bigotries are incapable of comprehending.

This thread is my protest.  My words are ended.

gri analphabet here... Could someone please explain to me what's that all about and how does it work?


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