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"Grivitation-like" paradigm would have helped in the interim

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wordzilla has some history with gri that makes them not get along, but i agree that in keeping with the spirit of DC, wordzilla could have been more diplomatic and less incendiary.  let's remember to keep things civil even when we disagree.

I don't think most of us are "normal" (by their terms), but most of us can blend in and have decent lives - that's what matters in that regard :). And the friendly tone and level of understanding here rocks.

So let's forget about the personals and think about the technicals again...

Let me try again, I'm not suggesting anything "official" or "coded."  What I am trying to provoke is some creative jucies as a new paradigm which would be immune from any intended/unintended disruption.  At least in my mind, I can conceive nefarious doings by large corporate (bigger than MS) entities that will have major disruptive impact.  What I'm trying to conceive is a methodology that will allow connectivity even in serious circumstances.  Imagine the way YOUR forum interractions/relationships work out mechanically on DC.  Now erase that picture from your mind and try to visualize a completely different image.

Simply, what would be that picture?

CodeTRUCKER: I don't think anything non-automated would work. It's too much pressure on the end-user, and it would leave us with a totally fragmented view in the case of a breakdown. And even without breakdown, we would either need custom reading clients (NOT going to happen!), or having to click a lot more links, and those links being external... OK OK, ajax embedded stuff could help, but...

I may have been emotional on this matter, for that I apologize. But I don't believe I made false or inaccurate claims against anyone.

Truth be told, I don't think I'm a "Global Moderator" in essence and I often forget being one -- it was so arranged that I could remove some spams in time and move topics to appropriate boards for the folks here. Such chores, absolutely nothing political or distinguishing in 'class'.

I was actually upset about the merely possibility of this kind of topic evolving into a flame war and tried hard to prevent it from happening. I may have overdone it and it worked in an opposite way, not to benefits of anyone here.

Agree with f0dder I do: If you want talk technical, talk technical.

To CodeTrucker: a diplomatic and efficient discourser who means to talk 'technical' might not have devoted so many words on marginally relevant stuff like 'Gri', 'Grivitation', 'tolerant mindset', etc. Yes, I might be too sensitive, but don't you think it'd be a far better idea to just talk, e.g. 'distributed load-balancing and backup'?

Secondly... I would like to touch on (ever so delicately) the "pain" felt by the absence of DC on our browsers.  Now... I don't want to stir up a hornet's nest nor do I want to hijack this thread... in fact, I won't see the thread here!
-CodeTRUCKER (March 19, 2008, 08:16 PM)
--- End quote ---

Well, if i were to demand more attention to this thread, honestly I'd do same. :) Can't really say it's a good idea if calm of mind is voted for.


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