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"Grivitation-like" paradigm would have helped in the interim

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Hello All,

I would like to touch on (ever so delicately) the "pain" felt by the absence of DC on our browsers while the DC-Team was working their tails off.  Now... I don't want to stir up a hornet's nest nor do I want to cause a big ruckus about Gri and "Grivitation," but it is only fair that this be addressed, given how Gri has been made the butt-end of some chuckles and guffaws on DC at times.   Ironically, if Gri were watching the latest goings-ons he might have had the last laugh.

Regardless of what you think of Gri and his weird (to the western world) style of communication, *IF* we had somehow adopted at least a tolerant mindset and tried to understand "Grivitation" the loss of connection with each other during the loss of the forums would have been non-existent and an antidote to "withdrawal" that so many expressed.

I'm not smart enough to understand all of the mechanics of Grivitation, but I do understand that it is a methodology whereby communication and thereby relationships (read: DC Community) are not restricted to a single conduit and therfore NOT vulnerable to injuries caused by attack/damage of the recent sort.  As I said, I'm not smart enough to understand the way Grivitation works in the nitty-gritty (perhaps Gri does?), but the real fix is not a new server, but a new paradigm.  As long as our connections/communications/relationships are sequestered to a single interface vulnerability cannot be eliminated.  The stronger you make a fortress, the greater the destruction *when* (not *if*) it is finally compromised.

I don't have the answer (yet?), but there are a lot of bright, creative and intuitive folks around these parts.  A Grivitation-like paradigm has additional benefit, but I think I've said enough.

FYI - This is not a note in support of Gri or an attempt to condone his actions/inactions.  If you have comments about Gri, please take it to another thread.  This is an attempt to suggest we might think "outside the box" (maybe we need a whole new box) in regard to "forum" structure and interraction.

Something to think about...


Edit:  Edited subject and body for clarity

I failed to see any need to ask DCer's to tolerate more of such spamming activities from Gri, or even the necessity to bring this issue up again. He's banned on numerous friendly and tolerant forums, including He repeatedly forces his incomprehensible ideas on people who have absolutely no interest and don't know a thing about what he's doing.

Back when I was involved with stopping his activities on DC, I'd seen quite a number of instances where he "required" forum members to set up his Gritnik (or whatever it's called) signature almost right after he joined those forums. Follow his "Grivitation" bread crumbs and you'll see what I mean -- what else can get more ridiculous?

And he's a hypocrite, who strongly advocates free speech superficially and do the very opposite when it goes against him. Josh and I made a dozen posts on his own Grivitation forum which he disliked. Now those postd are mostly deleted or modified. Also the forum signatures of Josh's and mine were modified without notification, to boost his "Grivtnik" propaganda. I'm not making all these up, join our IRC channel and ask the folks for the facts.

IMHO, it's not something any person with least respect for free speech would possibly do. It's both hypocritical and worthless, and do not justify attention from dc folks, let alone troubles and anxiety caused.

You missed the point.

I think DC forum is already friendly, kind and tolerant enough under the 'reign' of mr. mouser. :)

ps. It's probably wrong to believe that a person who behaves in weird ways must have some genius traits or high IQ that are above and beyond common people. More than often 'weird' just means mentally messed up, and is by no means a synonym of 'geeky'.  :P

pss. Believing that this Gri-topic will go nowhere, I'll refrain from posting further in this topic.  :)

The (hard core of the) DC community stayed together on IRC during the forum-hack...

But I think I see the essence of CodeTRUCKER's point. Grivitations very likely isn't the solution. But some distributed forum type sounds like an interesting idea... but also like a LOT of coding :) (and a problem is that you'd probably set up the distributed hosts equally, thus if one was hacked, the others would be, too)


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