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"Grivitation-like" paradigm would have helped in the interim

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I seem to remember an unused donationcoder group on stumbleupon, as well as there being an IRC channel.

By the way, the same day this site went down, so did my chatroom and it's still down (my pc died and I can't host it). But it seems that everyone from my chatroom was able to find each other in 3 other rooms on 3 other networks (one of them being donationcoder's irc channel). Part of the reason is because we are pretty close as a group and know each other well, and have communication on a regular basis outside the, instant messages, other communities like this one (I have brought many of my group here). We are more than just people that meet in a chatroom...we are friends.

If we are truly friends here, then we care enough to have contact and find a way to do it outside the forum long before the forum has an issue. It's kind of an automatic thing.

If you were completely cut off from the people here that you care about when this site went down, then take that as a sign that you need to strengthen your friendship bonds a bit more then you have.

It's kind of like the physical workplace where you see and talk to the same people every day. How can you call any of them friends when all the contact you have is only at work? You don't have a phone number, address...never spent any time together outside of work. If your place of employment burns down to the ground in the middle of the night, it's likely you will never see them again. That's not a friend...that's an acquaintance.

Because if they were really your friend, while the place of employment is going up in flames, you know where to find them, and are probably either on the phone with them talking about it or are some place in person with them talking about it....because the bond transcends the place and spills over to elsewhere.

At its core, this forum is no different than things in real life. And online & off, friendship works the same way.

If you were cut off completely, WE don't need to do something...YOU do. And I am pretty sure you know what it is YOU need to do.  ;)

If we are truly friends here, then we care enough to have contact and find a way to do it outside the forum long before the forum has an issue. It's kind of an automatic thing.

--- End quote ---
IRC is one great place :) - but more never hurts. I still think the idea of a decentralized forum is nice, even if I haven't thought out just HOW that should work :)

I agree totally with the rest of your points too. Which reminds me, I should hunt down Jibz :)

fascinating as this might be, it's getting a bit heated and I just can't help wondering what the issue is here

I get that trucker is looking for a different conceptual approach, but to what end?  Guarantee'd access to the forums???

I (like a lot of others) 'suffered' through the DC downtime, but ultimately it didn't really affect anything, ie the site was down, the issue was resolved, and the site came back up again (the world didn't end, and everyone is still here).

I probable that any such solution would be pretty resource hungry (cash, equipment, labour, etc) in the short term, and possibly longer.  How much I don't know, nor do I know whether or not the DC crew would or could support it, but I can't help feeling that guaranteed access to the forums (or anywhere, for that matter) to be an unreasonable expectation


Imho, probably it shouldn't be revealed who are moderators and who are not, at least not in avatar status text. Perhaps it should be visible on a special subpage... that way, people with moderator powers can talks as themselves, without worrying "which cap they are worrying". I have much faith in people here not abusing their powers.

That way, we could focus solely on friendly discussions without bringing irrelevant topics in. Yes, I'm naïve.

Andersen, WORDZILLA, or whatever, I'm sick and tired of your patronizing hidden agendas and intent to cast dispersions.  I find your last attempt completely reprehensible!  How dare you attempt to cast demeaning inferences on my character!!  In short KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!  Incidentally, you are the only one on DC that has ever received those kinds of thoughts from me ever.     Congratulations!  Why?  Because you attempt to pass off your inflammatory and fetid bigotries as casual banter peppered with cuteness.  If you were to have enough integrity to openly communicate rather than repeatedly use innuendo I would have more respect for your views, but since you continue to vomit out your putrid bitterness toward Gri undercover I find you unpalatable.  Further, it makes me wonder just how much of the conflict between you and Gri was only Gri?  If you have a problem with Gri, then GET OVER IT and grow up!  There will be many people that will rub you the wrong way all your life.  If you can't come to terms in yourself about Gri, I fear you have a tough road to hoe.

Mouser, enough is enough!  I have kept my peace and have bent over backward for two-years and will continue to do so, but when I see a double-standard I will no longer remain silent or restrained.  


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