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MiniReview of Linkman URL Organizer and Search Tool

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I'm using Linkman Pro 8 now. Decided to give Chrome another go; I was using it as my default browser for a few months but it was missing some of my most used extensions and a couple of my favorite programs didn't work with it. Now virtually all my extensions are in Chrome, Greasemonkey scripts work in Chrome without needing any extension, and all my programs are working with Chrome with the notable exception of Ultra Recall - Kinook refuses to to do so unfortunately.

Anyway the Linkman implementation within Chrome is great! I haven't explored V.8 deep enough to use any new features - not even sure what all is there yet - but using Linkman in Chrome so easily is like a new feature all by itself!

Great app! Definitely on my "must install" list!



Outertech Support:
Thanks for the fast reply.

Yes, that is exactly what I meant by toolbar. I originally had the search window chosen for that shortcut. The search window does popup but I see no results after choosing search. I can choose next a couple of times, but nothing else is displayed. Attached is a screenshot of what I receive.
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-Josh (April 09, 2011, 07:59 PM)
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Please use a different global hotkey, what you want is the "Search Linkman from browser..." function.

That worked! Thanks!!

I'm using Linkman to manage small tools/utilities. Works great! :-*
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It should be noted that Bits du Jour is offering a 31% rebate on Linkman:


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