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MiniReview of Linkman URL Organizer and Search Tool

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Outertech Support:
Linkman Pro 7.80 is out:

<ul><li>Added more Buttons to Firefox integration</li>
<li>Improved Printing: QueryPrint, Userdef fields, configurable margins</li>
<li>Query option to search for whole words only (default off)</li>
<li>Query option to autocomplete search terms (default off)</li>
<li>Added date support to Powermarks import</li>
<li>Query results can be exported using Templates (Pro version only)</li>
<li>Added <PARENT.KEYWORDS> and <PARENT.COMMENT> Tags to Export Templates (Pro version only)</li>
<li>Increased the size of keywords edit area in URL properties window</li>
<li>Ascending/Descending option in Autosort</li>
<li>When adding URLs you get the option to edit a URL if it already exists</li>
<li>Query Results font is now configurable (Tools | Settings | Interface)</li>
<li>Added more URL Launch options to context menus</li>
<li>If Linkman is hidden "Add and Edit to Linkman" will restore focus back to browser</li>
<li>New option to add browser links to the top of the database (Tools | Settings | Receive URLs)</li>
<li>Tools | Settings | Interface | Show Treeview lines turns also Query Results lines on/off</li></ul>Shareware Version:


Tutorial video:

Freeware version will follow within this month (Linkman Free 7.71 will be replaced by Linkman Lite 7.80).

Outertech Support:
Linkman Lite 7.80 is a freeware bookmark management solution for private non-commercial use as well as for use in charity organizations and educational use.



Tutorial video:

Open the search window
Type something in the query...the display list should shorten as each letter is typed
Now, press Esc
the query box is cleared.  Yes, that is true.  But the display list still shows the shortened list from whatever query you had before pressing Esc.

The display list should immediately show the full list as soon as Esc is pressed.  So when Esc is pressed, the query box should be cleared (this works) AND the display should be expanded to full (this doesn't work).  I'm having this behavior on every computer I've tried.-superboyac (January 26, 2009, 01:51 AM)
--- End quote ---
Really liking Linkman Lite now that I've understood a bit more how things work, but the behaviour superboyac was talking about is a little annoying and I agree that ESC should just clear the query and as such have a full list (in preferred sort order).

I've looked if this has changed but couldn't find it, so if it's already added, then please point me in the right direction :-[

Outertech Support:
I knew we forgot something! :) It will be fixed in the next build.



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