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MiniReview of Linkman URL Organizer and Search Tool

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One word - Dropbox. It works.  :)

-J-Mac (January 09, 2009, 03:56 PM)
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Thanks, sounds pretty cool.  2 GB for free!

Outertech Support:
Linkman 7.71 is out:
<ul><li>Improved Powermarks import
<li>Added Shortnames to Separated Value File import
<li>Internet Explorer Toolbar allows to disable Linkman entries in IE's context menu
<li>Improved launching of multiple URLs at once
<li>Fixed a graphical glitch when batch assigning ratings
<li>When changing font size (Tools | Settings | Interface | GUI Font) the text size of comments and descriptions will also change
<li>Many other smaller tweaks and fixes</ul>Web:

Tutorial video:




(Using 7.71)
When pressing Esc once to clear the query in the search in Linkman window, the results don't clear.  when i close the windwo and come back, it is cleared.  Also, if the query is already cleared, and then I type something in and the results list shortens, and then I press esc, it works fin.

Only when the window is opened with a query already in it, esc doesn't clear it.

Outertech Support:
Cannot reproduce so far.

What I've tried:

Opened search window from IE
Entered query text
Closed window
Reopened Window
Pressed Esc
query text was cleared


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