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Who else is sick of difficult word verifications on the web?

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(thanks to dotTech: Share your email address publicly without the risk of giving it to spammers)

This one from seems okay to me:

What I think would be a truly great "captcha", or rather a great Turing test, is to have a little Flash (or Silverlight) application in the browser that uses the webcam to let you give the site the finger, then does a quick video verification of you flipping the site the bird, and a quick hash to store to mark that Turing test result as unique.

Of course you need a webcam, but still, it would be very cool and very fun~!

Who could possibly not smile at being asked to tell a Turing test to f**k off?

They got me:

A bit late on seeing Curts post, but it strikes me as being designed by someone who has forgotten why captchas were developed in the first place, to stop spammers. By offering a selection of possible answers, all a bot need do is guess. It'll be right 1 in 9 times, so all have done is asked spammers to try a bit more often, hardly much of an inconvenience.

timns- Those Recaptcha and Google captchas work on the pronciple that they are using you to translate OCR'd text for them. They present two words but only know one of the words themselves. So if one word is seriously scrambled, or contains number, symbols, foreign punctuation, etc then you can be pretty sure that's the one they don't know. You can actually just enter a space for it, or you could purposely enter an incorrect word to mess with them :D Either way, once you get the other word right you're accepted.

Izzat a fact? My, the things we learn here on DC.


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