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Who else is sick of difficult word verifications on the web?

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Man, I am so sick of the word verification things on all the web pages, forums, etc.  I understand that it helps with security and everything, but they're annoying as hell.  Especially the ones that are pretty darn difficult to figure out, and then you enter your best guess and it tells you it's wrong and you have to do it again.  Too much work for trying to complete a search on a forum!

Absolutely sick of them.

Carol Haynes:

They also discriminate against people with impaired sight and with the increasing use of colour they affect the colour-blind - which is about 7% of men.

OK, some sites that use them have alternatives for accessibility but most don't and it is getting more common to have unintelligible daubs. It is particularly annoying that they are creeping into generic forums that are widely used - surely developers of popular products should be aware of accessibility issues!

Perry Mowbray:
They are a pain for sure.

On most Captcha you should have a button to re-render the image, which I'm often using to get one that I can read OK.

Of note on Wikipedia are their Critisms of Captcha:
As systems owners make it more difficult for computers to interpret the characters on the CAPTCHA, many humans also find it hard to read the characters and often get stuck in a 'loop' until they enter the correct letters. This has led to three recommendations:

1) The CAPTCHA should be no longer than 6 characters
2) The letter O and the number 0 should not be required (which causes confusion).
3) CAPTCHA surrounds (pixels added arround the numbers or letters to prevent computers from interpreting the characters) should not resemble letters or part-letters.

--- End quote ---

Carol Haynes:
Two other criticisms I have:

* They are always western alphabet/number biased
* They often have mixtures of numbers, upper and lower case characters. When you see, for example, 'l' is it the number one, the lower case L or the upper case i ??? Same goes for 'o' ?


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