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Difficulty curve of the flash assignments


Is it just me that wonders whether the difficulty in the flash assignment (I've only seen #1) is massively harder than the other assignments here?

I can write in Actionscript and PHP also I'm learning c#. I've created a flash movie that has a security module to authenticate a user of a domain before sending an key to a flash media server. which then allows a video file to play.

But whereas the c# assignment one is basically writeline, readline and a for loop (chapter 1 of this c# 2005 for dummies book) designing a ship (graphics and creating symbols), listening for keypresses (buttons that pass instructions to movies plus checking over time that the button is still held down and how that creates acceleration) seems to go through the whole of my Flash 8 for Dummies book, into advanvced Flash 8 Actionscript and even into programming flash gaming book (which I never did read).

Shouldn't step one be something more like creating a menu system where you make 3 buttons and use gotoAndPlay(scene, frame)? You know, something that is Flash 101?

Graham's 2 cents.

i think you have a good point.  maybe i'll move what is #1 to maybe #3 and add a couple before it like:

Assignment 1: make a button that can be clicked.
Assignment 2: make the button move around on screen and play a sound when clicked.


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