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DONE: Gracefully close Firefox on PC exit

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just put (a link to) the .ahk script file in Start.
The AutoHotkey program doesn't need to start for the script to work.

i think Close2Quit works on my new win7 computer too!  :Thmbsup:

Close2Quit sounds great!  I was looking for something like this last year...

"... because I have Firefox placed in Start > Minimized  for the very reason that I do not want to see it before I need to use it."

Hey Curt !
if I well understood you really managed to start Firefox minimized on Windows login !?
I tried many addons + third programs + searched all around the forums ... please tell me how ??

for Firefox 3, not 4, try MinimizeToTray Plus

sorry, I forgot. I use r2 Startup Delayer > Start minimized.


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