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mysterious Codex Transportica book found - i have the website to prove it.

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Did you know this one?

Did you know this one?
-kartal (April 12, 2008, 02:46 AM)
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yes, mouser told me about it after i made him aware of the plans for the codex transportica. i think he once owned the book.

i've now seen the book (torrents are your friend). i think the artwork is great but i was expecting something a little more interesting overall.

Some lovely new pics, no longer pencil drawings (pen/biro?)

looking really nice anyway!

thanks, tomos.

the new pictures are done using a 'wacom cintiq 12W'.

review here

i'd call it a good tool - but not "simply amazing". but they do say that a bad workman blames his tools so perhaps i shouldn't complain.

oh, here's the picture on the Transportica site that tomos was referring to...

DUDE!! Toyota has been reading the Codex!!
Here's proof!



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