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winlock & virus

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when i try to dwnload winlock.exe my anti virus prog stops me with alert;
PSW agent .SIA trojan
Can you help?

There is no virus in winlock.  You can even download the ahk source for it (and all of skrommel's programs) yourself and build it into an exe easily using the autohotkey compiler with just a few clicks.

i've tried compiling this ahk script myself so i *know* there is no virus in it..   these programs are either alerting on autohotkey itself which is outrageous, or else just lines in the script designed to manipulate windows which is freaking them out.  seriously this false alarm stuff is getting out of hand.

See the autohotkey forum for more info about false alarms with autohotkey programs:

This is really getting silly.

I'm starting to sympathize with the companies who are suing antivirus vendors for harming their reputation by identifying things as viruses/trojans when they aren't.  It's really getting triesome.  I sympathize with wanting to be cautious and alert people to possible risks -- but this is outrageous how they state with confidence that files are infected so consistently wrongly.  There has to be something done to force these companies to admit a more realistic level of doubt when identifying problems -- and force them to be more cautious in what they label as malware.


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