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IDEA: Specialized anti-idle and 'modem booster'

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app, the modem booster ;)

App, do the "keepalive" and continuous-sound parts need to be combined? Otherwise, it sounds like using one of the sound generators form the pink-noise thread would solve half of the problem :)

Is there any amount of data transfer that needs to be done, or would a single ping (for instance) be enough? I was thinking of perhaps simply loading google's front page every now and then, it's pretty rare that site goes down :)

With the exception of the one I suggested in the pink noise thread, do any of them make 'silent noise' that won't be heard at all? The one I suggested in that thread would be perfect for the sound part except for the problem that it doesn't run on 9x so I can't even try it on this machine.

I am not sure how much data needs to be transferred, which is why I wanted to be able to specify the url to a file I can play with it and find out what the lowest amount required is.

I know just simply pinging some server will not work because I am pinging tons of them with no results as far as keeping my connection alive. I have been pinging a different time server every 15 seconds for the last 8 years, connected to 2 IRC servers, connected to an ares chat server, all involving pings to keep me connected to those...but none of it keeps me connected to the internet itself...ISP doesn't consider that valid activity.

If you wanted to do only one part of this or do it as 2 separate tools, the sound generation would be the part I am mostly interested in.

I can do the file downloading utility myself, and I even have all the code for it already, that I can recycle from another project I was working on. It's the sound generation I can't do.

I was going to do this project myself by looping a 10 second wav file with the 25hz tone, but that didn't work out too well for avoiding the pc freezing. It was good for about 2 hours after a fresh reboot but then it kept freezing up when the wav restarted. (just imagine your pc freezing every 10 seconds and you will have some idea of what it was like)

The only reason why I requested a tool with both all in one, is because I thought it would be better and a little lighter if a single app could do both rather and 2 separate apps running in the background all the time. With the very limited resources this pc has, every little bit saved can make a noticeable difference in total performance of this pc. I also figured that if someone that knew what they were doing could do this in c++ that it would automatically be lighter than anything I could do in Delphi.

Given the hoops you're trying to jump through with limited resources, would it be easier just to change your ISP?

OK...I no longer need a file downloader to accomplish what I want to do. I have made one that works and fools my isp. (turns out you can't use the same url repeatedly or they disconnect you any way, so I went with performing different google searches every 10 mins)

Now, I still need the sound part. I have acquired a small app that can generate the sound and it's working quite well, except that I have to change it from the default 500Hz to 25Hz and click a button to start the generation of sound each time, and it takes up space with a taskbar button rather than minimizing to the tray. It won't save settings and I don't want to have to write an app to change the settings, start it, & hide it... and end up having to run 3 things to do the job.

So...if someone could do just the continuous 25Hz tone through soundcard on 9x, sitting in my tray...or point out how I can generate the continuous tone in Delphi (not using Beep() or Windows.Beep()) I would greatly appreciate it.


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