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IDEA: Specialized anti-idle and 'modem booster'

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App, stumbled on this a couple of days ago -

it's an ambient sound generator.  i've had a brief game with it and it allows some customisation of the output (volume, intensity, happiness??) and there are quite a few alternative schemes available for download (program is an 18M D/L, schemes seem to be around 1M each).

it may not be quite what you're looking for, but it may get you by (you could even run it 'hidden' by starting it via AHK, or minimise it to the tray with one any number of apps)


I think the thing I am using currently, minimized to a taskbar button, is probably much lighter than that, but I really would just like something that produces that continuous single tone I need, and sit in the tray without me having to run something else to get it to tray would be better.

Like I said...I have something that works and produces the tone, (PC function generator) but I don't feel like manually configuring it every time I reboot, and I don't want to run a 3rd app to do it and another to hide it in the tray.

I only have 64mb of ram here.  :(

no probs, just offering another possibility

FWIW, task manager says it uses about 9M of memory on my machine (tecra A9 laptop)


I am glad you can tell how much memory something uses because I don't have anything that can tell me that on a 9x machine...not even process explorer will tell me that info on 9x.

Mostly just have to guess, based on free ram before running something, and while it's running and compare, although that is kind of a bad way to try to figure it out since I always seem to have less then 1mb free before, during, and I usually just go by the green bars in Resource Meter and how things 'feel'.


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