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Interested in teaming up for good web hosting / website accounts?

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at least for the website hosting, someone will ultimately have to decide if someone site turns out to be inappropriate, and that's probably going to be me, though i would have no problem making it a vote or whatever, though i cant imagine a scenario where there would be real dissagreement among the other people being hosted and any decision i made.  this really should be viewed as just a group of friends getting together and pooling money to get a much better deal on good hosting.

just think of it like being in a house with 30 people and sharing the phone bill - rather than try to calculate each month exactly who made what calls, we will come to an agreement about what would be reasonable, and if some people (like the main site) are doing a majority of the traffic then we would expect to pay the majority of the costs.  if someone can't afford to pay as much as the other person, then we can give a little leeway, it doesn't have be exact, as long as their are enough of us that we are all still getting a great thing.  if someone starts constantly using the phone to make prank calls to russia and never donates their share, they would be asked to stop using the phone :)

if someone decides its no longer right for them or they grow too big, its very easy for them to buy commercial hosting and switch over any domain names, it wont effect the visitors to their site so there really shouldn't be a problem.

i should note two nice benefits to us doing it this way:

* we can provide better services than a normal discount $5 a month web hosting company who try to limit you to get you to upgrade
* we don't have to be so strict as companies about bandwidth and going over for one month, where they love to charge you a ton if you for some reason have a high bandwidth month; for us that wouldnt matter - if you for some reason did a ton of bandwidth you'd probably just want to donate a little more at the end of that month, etc.
* because everyone would be on the server, you can count on the fact that we are going to be extremely vigilant about network issues and downtime; if your site goes offline it will mean goes offline, and we will be the ones making sure it gets back up immediately, and that no data is lost; so its not like you are just another customer in some big company that couldn't care less if your site goes down.
* we can be more permissive about stuff; if you can't afford to donate one month its not a big deal; we aren't going to be shutting peoples sites down at end of month, etc. no mean stuff like that.
unresolved issuess:

* tech support: this is something we really have to figure out a good solution to.  one solution is definitely let people decide whether they are pros who want (or want to learn to) have complete control over everything, or
* have things 99% set up for them and just have an ftp/frontpage login to upload pages in the easiest possible way
* but inevitably people need help, setting up a guestbook, learning how to get their log files, etc.. as a community effort we would want to have people who would be willing to help each other learn how to do this stuff, and it would be great if we could a person or two who knows their way around a web server and would be willing to sort of act as an unofficial tech support to help people out, in return for fame, love, and a free account, and maybe an occassional donation from a happy user? seems like that would be in keeping with the spirit of the site.  actually there's a good bet they would be better tech support that most bargain hosting companies.


of course.

we would be providing, for those who want it, a full hosting account, with full cpanel that lets you connect any domain name(s),
park domains, create addon domains, subdomains, unlimited databases, etc.

i was teaching vegas yesterday about the differences between addon, subdomains, and parking.
basically they are a variety of different ways you can point your domain names to your account.
you can have different domain names point to different sections, or any of many different permutations.

basically EVERYTHING you would get at a quality non-bargain basement hosting company.

one of the advantages to setting up such a community effort, in addition to the price, is the control.


Basically all you would have to do is point the domains DNS records to the server mouser is going to setup.  This is done through the domains registrar..

yep, its super easy, takes a minute of time.

for example, here would be instructions if you got your domain name from, but all accounts are very similar:

1. Login and navigate to managing your domain.

2. Click on the + next to "Nameservers Summary" if it is not already expanded. Then "Click here to see details or to modify."

3. Enter and as your nameservers and save

4. Wait for the new nameservers to propagate.  Godaddy says it can take up to 48 hours for these changes to take effect but it usually only takes a few hours.

that would point your domain name to the account we would set up for you, which takes about 10 minutes for us to set up.
very simple.


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