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Interested in teaming up for good web hosting / website accounts?

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that's a good point kfitting -
this is not being done as a way to make money, or even as a way to get donations, just a way to offset costs of hosting and get the advantage of pooling our money.

as such, we wouldnt want to accept more people than we can very comfortably handle on a server at super super fast speed.  the objective is not to pack as many people as possible into it but rather to have a server that can handle the people on it with ease, and still have enough people adding to the pot to cover the hosting expenses comfortably enough so that if people drop in and out and fluctuate it won't cause any worries.

so the idea is just to see if we think there are enough members at dc, who are members because they like dc, who would be interested in this, and not to make this a reason to join the site!

i'm intrigued enough about this to explore it in methods short of moving the site.  we are going to instead upgrade to a much faster plan (hopefully) for a month or so and see how it feels, and i'll be settting up accounts for people who are already members here, to play with, just to see if its something fun and intertesting for people.  then we can figure out if there is enough interest to continue.

again, this is going to be a donation based thing with the same spirit as the rest of the site.  its not for people wanting to host a real business site, and will really be just a community getting together to be able to get the advantages of making a group purchase.

once the server account is upgraded to be faster and bigger i will post instructions for people who want to set up a website.  we will try to have to kinds of things, one will be super full control for people who want to have the fun of the full cpanel web server administration interface, which can be very fun to play with but very overwhelming in terms of all the things you can do, and then a super easy instructions for people who just want to use frontpage or ftp to upload their files without any troubles or complications.

id still like to find someone who is good at web server admin, and experienced with cpanel who wants to volunteer to help people, to help people out who could use help...

I thought a "club" is better

'cus if you let people pay for space
you must have an accurate agreement
that they don't dance on your nose.

If you have an club with yearly paying members
you could just exlude such people how
don't care about the rules.

thought i don't know nothing about american law (like i don't about german)

summarizing previous thoughts:

1) i think we are going to try this, at least informally at first, and just a little at first.
people who are already members on this site who want to experiment with having a web page will be given space to play with.  after a few weeks we can see what the interest is and how many people think they would donate how much for it.  depending on the # of people and amounts we will know what kind of server we could afford and whether it makes sense to do it.

2) we need to make sure this isnt something people come to take advantage of, its more of a cooperative pooling of our money to get a better deal, people who are trying to take advantage of this will not be welcome.

3) regarding what stefan said, yes this is not going to be like a monthly contract like regular hosting company -
it's going to be more in the spirit of the rest of the site.

Good points... one thing that should be stated right up front is who the boss is (assuming you, mouser!) and that you have ultimate authority on who has space and who doesnt have space and who gets their space canceled.  In our democraticaly influenced society people tend to forget that their are some things that are more totalitarian in nature.  As YOUR service with YOUR bandwidth, it's YOUR rules.  Obviously influenced by what others say, but in the end someone needs to be in control for this idea to work.


Carol Haynes:
Reading this thread with interest, having "chatted" about it yesterday.

I may well be interested, but would need help to know how to link domain names to your server (in the event it happens).

Would you be able to support any domain type (.com, etc)

It would certainly have made things easier over the last few days ...


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