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Interested in teaming up for good web hosting / website accounts?

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I must admit I like the idea...It sounds great especially for people with a low income...Not only that but here where members have got to know each other it would be a tremendous boost for member's websites...Also you already have A policy in place as well as a set of rules to abide by and of course ammendments regarding web hosting... obviously you would be able to control the good from the Riff Raff before you even signing up as you already know at least something about your members...This way it is like a club that gives you the right of admission...and refuse whom you think is unfit...You must also take into account you'll get people coming wasting your bandwidth when someone  else could make good use of it in a professional manner...

These I just my thoughts on the matter and keep up the good work...

Thanks mouser for setting this all up, my DC member accounts works perfectly!

I haven't read this whole thread, but count me in.

I just bought my first domain on and will try to get a host tomorrow or something. If I can pay Donation coder to host my very few files and e-mail that would be awesome!

By the way, the domain is ... I think it's a pretty cool name, specially for email.


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