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Interested in teaming up for good web hosting / website accounts?

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its a very very bad idea to have your domains on a site that forces you to buy combo domainname+hosting accounts - i didn't know there were any that still do that.  i suggest you move them immediately to a proper domain name+host. is one, totalchoicehosting is another.  its a bit of a process to move domain names but not that bad and it will be worth it in the long run.

i think i'll probably start setting up accounts for people this weekend, just so people can play around, without having to make any commitment about donating for anything.

Count me in, at the moment I'm paying $10 a month for some space on (1000Mb space, 25Gb bandwidth a month) and all I use it for are a few avatars and sigs for forums [...]
-alexp (October 20, 2005, 01:29 PM)
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Right, that's another good reason for an own server account! :)

@mouser: I'm ready to move my first domain over quite soon :D

Just an update - the new server is blazing fast, and we've already set up some member accounts, and all is going great.  :Thmbsup:

Discuss more in the section of the forum set of for this:

Count me in buddy  :Thmbsup:. I am very interested.

My idea for pricing - pay per megabyte - perhaps 20 cents per megabyte per month. Or even better (to make it easier to collect the money), $2.40/yr. I would find pay per megabyte useful because I would probably only use it to host a couple of MB.


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