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I'm looking for a Pink Noise Generator for Windows

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There seem to be a whole bunch of Pink Noise generators and mp3/wav/etc files out there. Does anybody have a favorite app that generates pink noise so that you can listen to it with headphones, like while in a busy office or a coffee shop?

I could look in wikipedia but... what is pink noise?

I did a lot of searching a few months ago, and ended up using and liking Serene Sounds.  I like to combine the white/pink/brown noise with some waves.  You can add blizzards, fires or hurricanes if it suits you.

I wish it would save the settings when it's paused or stopped (and I emailed the author about it) but other than that I am very happy with it.

I will assume you know what white noise is, so pink noise is like white noise but conforms more to nature as well as provides a constant energy per octave. It is a good way to "blur" other distinct noises by mixing with it.

I guess I should elaborate.

Personally, I use (and recommend) ChatterBlocker while trying to concentrate in busy environments.

I'm am looking for a coworker who has Tinnitus. We are wondering if listening to pink noise will help relieve the symptoms when he is trying to concentrate on work stuff. That got me thinking that I don't have "the perfect pink noise generator" program preselected (so to speak) to suggest to him.


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