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KMPlayer going commercial?

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KMplayer here, plays everything I ever throw at it. I tried GOMPlayer after also hearing many good reports about it but it didn't take long before I found some clips it couldn't play and it tried to take me to a codec site to download codecs. Installing codecs into my windows system is something I tried to stop doing a few years ago as you can wreak havoc with your machine and get plenty of playback issues once you start messing with different codecs on your system.

KMPlayer is brilliant! The only gripe I've had with it is mpg videos didn't look as good with its internal codec as they did with the system default codec. Other than that it's completely self-contained and excels in every department. I wouldn't bother wasting time on alternatives just yet.

I happen to go to the KMPlayer forum earlier today... To my surprise they've released a new, "Pandora" branded version! I haven't used it yet, but it looks pretty good.

FWIW: I'd be willing to pay a reasonable amount for an ad-free unbranded version if it came to that. It's a great little app, and the developer deserves somthing for his/her efforts. But only if they don't junk it up with a lot of feature bloat.

If they go the "full featured" route then I'd hope they'll keep a basic version that "just plays everything" - and skip the album art, play lists, and all the other nonsense that has muddied up just about every media player out there. That's why I dumped Winamp, RealPlayer, Quicktime, MediaMonkey, Musicmatch Jukebox...the list goes on and on and on...


Not everybody wants to run their entire life out of their media player. The beauty of KMedia Player is that it's small, fast, and plays things without a hassle. I hope they don't lose sight of that.

I am surprised nobody mentioned Media Player Classic yet. It's small and light, and has not b0rked at me despite the long time for which it hasn't updated.


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