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Sauerbraten Server Updates and DonationCoder map - Sauerbraten FPS fun

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I have gotten a couple of fellow DC gamers to join me in a fast paced FPS (first person shooter) known as Sauerbraten. It is similar to the old-school Doom type games, where you are always moving rapidly, and stuff can change in an instant. It is very fun and offers countless hours of insane killing :P

Many gametypes
Easy to learn
Not too "gorey"
Can become very funny at times
Runs on OLD hardware
Lots of nice effects for NEW hardware
Built in co-op map editor function (!!!)
POWERFUL map editor

Large download + patch (~216MB)
People in co-op editing can be a pain (online people)
(A few) Cheaters online

I can host games behind my router with no problem ON-DEMAND
I can host games behind my router with no problem for DEDICATED SERVERS

Myself, Deozaan, and p3lb0x have been making maps and battling each other for the past week, and the game can become really addicting. Unfortunately, I am planning on making all servers private/closed down to public due to my having to take 20+ minutes every time I get ready to save the DonationCoder map to clean up crap people leave and make it look good again (and not like a sandbox). But, more fun for us, right?

Here are some screenshots of the map - contributed to by those stated above, as well as several loyal players online that happened to join in and assist (or destroy :P).

Sauerbraten official website:

Come join us! :)


EDIT: File size correction :-[

I just have to say that Sauerbraten is the most fun I've had in an FPS since the good old days of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on the N64.

The map editor is in game and very powerful. It's also very easy to use with a mild learning curve. You just push a button to change from edit mode to kill mode. And what's great is you can have people join you and you can all collaborate on a map together. This lets you test things in real time with people you know or strangers on the internet.

If you're interested in games and FPS at all, you really need to download Sauerbraten! I can't recommend it enough!

EDIT: Okay, I feel I should come back here and explain what it is I like about it. I really enjoy being able to create something and work as a team creating something one minute, then the next minute blast other people around on your creation. Plus with the servers, anybody can join in (though you do have standard control like kick/ban, etc.) and instantly tell you how awesome your map is, and people who have more experience than you can show you some cool techniques and help improve your map.

That's what I like about it.

As far as an FPS game goes, it's probably a bit substandard. Weapons don't have secondary functions. No ducking. Changing weapons is a little confusing. . . There are lots of things that make it not as wonderful as something like Team Fortress. But it is Open Source, freely available, and instant, hectic fun!

where's cody and where are his coins? i don't see them in the screenshots?

where's cody and where are his coins? i don't see them in the screenshots?
-mouser (March 10, 2008, 12:08 AM)
--- End quote ---

They're in the making?

It took me almost 4 hours to make the "" text - a cody will be a total-day job. Maybe for the weekend :)


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