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AnVir Task Manager 5.0.4 at GOTD

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once again AnVir Task Manager is featured on Giveaway of the Day.


There's much to like about AnVir Task Manager, but to be honest I don't trust the company.  They try to get you to include something called Registry Cleaner Pro when you're installing AnVir TM.  It turns out that Registry Cleaner Pro isn't even their program--it's from another company!  It will apparently scan your registry for free, but several people at GAOTD have reported that if you want it to fix the registry "problems" it finds, you have to buy the program (and I bet AnVir gets a cut).  This seems like a really unsavory thing to be including in the installation process.   :down:

The subscription fee for AnVir Task Manager Pro is also steep, in my humble opinion - I haven't bothered since the year that I got courtesy of a DC discount ran out. For that matter, I no longer have it installed, either.

I don't know about the GAOTD package but Anvir has stepped over the line with Dealio toolbar including affiliate links and weird landing pages in browser. Provided by a running searchsettings.exe Lots of sex links it seems! And don't forget direct links to UniBlue Registry/driver/boosting crap inside of program. If you use some blocking service like DynDns Internet Guide you might not even be able to reach their site since it is blocked. Will not say that is hysteric or a false positive. Such not overly transparent methods must be avoided. Good program so annoying...

Thanks for the notice, folks. Why do these companies risk ruining their reputation with this kind of crap? How can the short-term $$ possibly be worth the long-term damage to their reputation? I just don't get it.


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