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Willing to pay for a small code... $$$

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(edited previous post -- made it more understandable  :-[)

Would there be a possibility of someone helping me set up a template for research note-taking?

- A main level BIBLIO entry (book, journal, article, etc), with all the biblio info linked to it.

- "Notes/comments" items which also has a title (brief summary of note item). Bear in mind that they need to be linked somehow (automatically) to the main level BIBLIO entry and there should be the possibility of adding the page number. Especially if it becomes possible to export to MSWord (and similar) - here what would need to be exported are: a) the note (item content) b) some meta info (customizable?) and c) the AUTHOR, YEAR and PAGE#.
Plus tagging for items for quick search and cross-referencing.

Didn't find the screen cast. At a first glance this looks very nice, but for someone not used to DBs like myself, I'm having problems setting it up.

Thanks guys!


Do Yyu mean a template for SQL-notes?

PPLandry and Armando -

(sorry for all the posts, but I'm really psyched! I decided not to PVT you since this might be useful for others...)

Say I have my biblio entries exported from a third party program as a text or comma separated file, how might I import it here so as to already start taking notes :)


Do Yyu mean a template for SQL-notes?
-Armando (March 09, 2008, 03:17 PM)
--- End quote ---

Yes, is this possible?


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