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the award for most clueless pc user ever - my candidate.

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OK, my mom gets regular "spam" from her old high school buddy's and in some of the emails there are power point attachments.
So I get my mom power point viewer from Microsoft and install it for her so all she has to do is open the file and it will start the power point.

After explaining to her how to go forward or back slides with it I go and to do my own thing.
Few minutes later i hear the monitor turning on and off a few times then finally she asks me "Why wont this thing exit?"

I had to contain my laughter while i explain to her the monitor just displays stuff the power button on it doesn't effect input to the computer, and finally show her the "Esc" key on the keyboard.

it looks like the monitor power button is a common cause for confusion. i suppose the mistake is that a pc is like a television.

i remember when i bought a very cheap second hand computer from someone years ago. they informed me they only had the "floppy drive" to sell as they'd already sold the "computer".


the "computer" was the monitor.

the "floppy drive" was the desktop computer (old style flat case thing unlike a tower).

so i bought the pc at the "floppy drive" price.

so i bought the pc at the "floppy drive" price.
-nudone (March 07, 2008, 06:21 AM)
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 ;D ;D

I regularly get people calling the computer the "hard drive".

This is at a university.  Said by people with Phd's.  Higher learning ya know.

Now I just accept the fact that everyone here has lied on their resume.

Today, I did a call where the user reported that all of the programs on his Start Menu had disappeared.  He had "Personalized Menus" turned on, which hides all but the most used programs on the Start Menu. I suppose he was being truthful, but I am always freaked by this sort of thing because he never once thought to click on the arrow at the bottom of the menu, used to reveal the hidden entries.

Did I mention the Phd part?

Then there was last week where the professor couldn't do *ANY* work because her computer was all messed up by a virus. Turns out the virus was sloppy mousing that somehow ended docked the Windows taskbar on the left side of the screen.

Did I mention the Phd part?

I'd pull my hair out 'ceptin' that I'm already freakin' bald!


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