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the award for most clueless pc user ever - my candidate.

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Not sure if this beats it, but...

I've got one customer that emails me periodically with "something". Most often it's something along the lines of, 'This other software that has a different purpose than yours does can do X. Why doesn't your software do X? Please put it in. And make sure there are no bugs. Other companies make software with bugs.'

Well, one of the first emails from him a while after he'd bought my software was that he couldn't open an audio file with it. Seemed strange to me, but after somewhere between 15~20 emails later I finally figure out that he HAS NOT INSTALLED IT YET!

Whenever I get an email from him, I just start laughing before I even open it, anticipating something that's just off-the-wall. He never fails to disappoint. And while I'm quite sure most developers would refund his money and tell him to go away (that has happened to him before), I think he's well intentioned, but just, well, whatever. He gives me a laugh.

that sounds kind of typical with a few non techie people i know - they don't quite get the idea of actually 'installing'.

if they can see that there is something on their computer that has the right name then what else is there to do?

in other words, they can see an icon on their desktop saying 'superprog' hence superprog must be working - even though it is just the installation file for superprog that they've downloaded onto their desktop. (superprog being a name i've made up.)

i've had this a few times from one person i know - they must use the computer at least a couple of times a week but they 'refuse' to remember how to get around the problem.

you might enjoy this one..
(vaguely related)

where the boss gets ideas

i can't quite understand how they thought they'd be able to turn the computer on without pressing the power button on the tower - what else is there? maybe they thought you only had to press the power button on the monitor
-nudone (March 01, 2008, 07:39 AM)
--- End quote ---

Isn't that silly of them -- not a mistake  that I'd make!

By the way, I'm glad you mentioned the power button on the monitor.
I've been waiting absolutely ages for that blank screensaver to go away (since about 2002, I think)!

Computing is much more fun now that I have pictures on the screens!

I got into computers about thirteen years ago, just a few years ahead of the general public.  A few years later folks started coming to me for suggestions on getting a computer for their home.  After a few unpleasant experiences I started asking people if they had a VCR at home and if so, what time the clock was displaying.  If they said it was flashing 12:00 because they had never set it, I told them they didn't want a computer. 


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