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the award for most clueless pc user ever - my candidate.

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i set a new machine up for a retired couple this week as they were tired of their old windows 95 based machine. i knew they weren't really keen on computers nor the internet but they've sent emails and done the basics for several years.

so, i was dismayed when i got a phone call from them one day after setting the new computer up for them...

them: "hello, there seems to be a problem. i can't get the computer to turn on."

me: "so the power button doesn't work?"

them: "the power button?"

me: "the silver button on the front of the tower case."

them: "oh, i have to press the button on the THE TOWER? that's strange."

me: "well, it's the same process to what you did with the previous computer."

them: "oh!"

second phone call...

them: "i'm having trouble with the mouse now. i can't click on anything."

me: "so when you click on an icon or button nothing happens?"

them: "i can't click on anything because there aren't any buttons on the mouse."

me: "er. the buttons are in the usual position at the front either side of the wheel."

them: "oh, let me try again. yes, you are right. i couldn't see the buttons so i didn't think there were any."

me: "no problem, just let me know if you need any further help. good bye"

beat that. they've been using a computer for several years and were completely lost the minute they tried to use a new machine. i expect they'll not be able to do anything at all with it - i've shown them how to connect to the internet and use gmail - something they'll never be able to do ever again i expect.


bur their new computer cant be that different from 95 for basic tasks, can it?

to be fair, they don't use the computer very often - i'm amazed they managed to send a single email on the old computer - maybe they didn't after i'd shown them (regardless of the detailed step by step notes they wrote down to help remember).

the mouse problem that the phone call was about can be understood a little. they thought the scroll wheel was the mouse button so they'd been pressing that all the time.

i can't quite understand how they thought they'd be able to turn the computer on without pressing the power button on the tower - what else is there? maybe they thought you only had to press the power button on the monitor - they did give me the impression that they thought the mouse button did everything - including acting as the power button for the computer.

perhaps they would have been better with an apple machine?

perhaps they would have been better with an apple machine?

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one of those old mac's where the computer is 'in' the monitor, and a one-huge-button mouse ;)


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