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Monkey Dash: Play test my game!

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I'd love to read more about your whole experience going from game design to production, and your thoughts along the way.. It's exciting to see it go from an idea to fruition in front of our eyes.

Just ordered my copy :)

Terrific !  :Thmbsup: The game  & toy business is hard to break into. 


Thanks Lew and Mouser for the words of encouragement :)

I shall be posting some details of the whole experience on the website over the next few weeks, and shall add a feed so that you can subscribe to receive news, new game-play variants etc.

Rob has agreed to let DC give away a copy of the game to one lucky dc member.. will be in this month's Specials/Giveaway page when it's updated today  :Thmbsup:

This looks great! I'll have to see if I can acquire a copy of it. We're in dire need of a new board game here


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