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books/blogs on database design?

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I love working with databases. It's just fun! :)

I can't recommend any better books, but I would probably say that it helps to read one on the database that you're planning to use. I generally use MS SQL Server, MySQL (if I absolutely have to and have no choice), and VistaDB.

MySQL has a lot of things that just irk me. VistaDB I only use for desktop applications. MS SQL Server I like for everything else. There are a lot of things in T-SQL that expand on SQL that are good to take advantage of if you know that is what you're going to use. Similarly, other databases have their own "tweaks".

Time to spin off another thread -- got a related thing I'd like to chat about...

Ok... So... (Trying not to hijack this thread here -- please post in the thread below.)

How Do You Like to Approach Database Design?


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