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I think it's hard for some people to be straight about things. They seem to think that there is some kind of shame, or that they'll be accused of spamming. I've never seen anyone accused of spamming when being upfront and direct about things.

My first post to DC is here. My first 2 paragraphs in that post were specifically to let people know who I was. The next post from mouser started, "what a fantastic post!"

Being transparent about things is virtually guaranteed to earn you points with people, and I think that's a pretty general thing that extends beyond DC in a lot of other places as well.

Just my $0.02 though.

in all fairness - i've seen a LOT of forums where if an author comes out in a straightforward fashion and says "i think my program would be useful for this, here is the url: ..." then the very next posts are accusing them of being a SPAMMER.

personally i think that's just silly that an author can't suggest his/her own program if it's appropriate, but i've seen it quite a bit, so i can understand authors thinking that they shouldn't reveal any association with their product when recommending it.

but anyway, it's not the case on this forum -- we welcome authors to join and *when appropriate* mention their own software.  it is important that they do so within reason.  no one is going to be happy with someone who is constantly plugging their own software if that's all they do here and they jump at any remote chance to do so.  but as long as you are respectful and not obnoxious you are welcome.

I know a few people that ONLY ever post when they're plugging themselves. It is quite annoying, and reduces any amount of respect I have. Plug away, but be a part of the community as well...

For the spamming accusation thing, I suppose that I probably just hang out in good neighborhoods where people don't flame at the first chance. ;)

Back to the original question, I have been having really good luck with from the open source community.  Really pretty cool stuff, a timeline that is zoomable  :up:

Thanks to thomthowolf!

Calizo is doing the job.  It seems to have a couple of oddities - mouse scrolling doesn't exactly work the way I expect it to, but it's pretty much what I was looking for.

Shame though that there is really only that one product available.  Granted it's a niche to fill.

PS Thanks to everyone for not ridiculing the 50 year old RPG player ;)


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