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I'm looking for software that helps to create historical timelines.

Timeline Maker Pro -> is just the ticket, but not at the $195 pricetag.

So, I'm soliciting suggestions for alternatives.  I'd like to stay with the "single purpose"-ness of this program, in that making timelines is *all* that it does.  However, to the best of my Google-fu, there doesn't seem to a lot of offerings in that area.  So, I will also take suggestions for really good Gantt chart software etc. I have to stipulate that I am *NOT* looking for full blown project management software, so I would favour "single purpose" Gantt chart making software as well.

Additionally, I am *not* interested in web based services, unless they were something I could install on my own web server ;)  And of course, OSS is preferred.  However, I'd also consider a good inexpensive alternative to Timeline Maker Pro if nothing else suitable turns up.

You folks have such wide ranging interests that my confidence is high that where I have failed, you'll succeed!


This is the kind of software where I could knock-out a quick, simple product in a couple days... However, I'd have to go out and buy a Gantt chart component... They start at $1,000. If anyone wants to buy a license for me, I'll knock one out real quick like for ya! ;)

But seriously, the pricing on Gantt chart components is crazy!

However, I'd have to go out and buy a Gantt chart component
-Renegade (February 28, 2008, 09:13 AM)
--- End quote ---
You can't use any of the existing open source stuff for this?

Maybe GanttProject?

I also saw a list of alternative approaches here:

Maybe Gantt2 by Jan Verhoeven?  His Web site appears to have moved here but it doesn't seem to be there now, hence attached (434K).


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