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Speaking of U3 Flash drives ...

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Speaking of Flash drives .. has anyone worked with teh U3 models?
I picked one up that and it wants to be 2 drives, one read only and the other read/write.  the default position is to be drives E & F on a XP machine.  My problem is that my devices are C: (HD),  D: (CD/DVD) E: (empty) F: (Floppy), G:,H: different format Flash connectors (direct for camera and built into teh Floppy drive unit), then I: & J: (HD # 2, & 3). 

So the device see the first open drive .. E:, but the F: is taken, does anyone know how to convince this silly thing (Windows XP) to use K: & L:, rather than E: & F: ???


i know this sounds stupid, but change the floppy drive mount letter?

Or plug something else in first, like a cheap USB drive, to use up E:, and then your U3 will take the next two available, K: and L:, which are suitably adjacent.

If you change the mount letter within Disk Management it should stick to that drive when it is plugged into that machine.

The quick way to get into the Disk Management is to Right-click on My Computer then select Manage.  Once the window comes up, you should see Disk Management listed on the left-hand side.

Once you are in Disk Management, you should see a listing of all drives that the system is seeing.  You can then right-click on the drive in question and change the Drive-Letter.

Pretty easy, no? 8)

Hope this helps.

One thing that I did not mention, that I feel I should.  Be careful. . . . DO NOT change the drive letter on your OS drive (Windows should prevent you from doing so, but lets not tempt fate :-P )


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