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USB Keyboard not available during windows boot sequence

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Carol Haynes:
I 'upgraded' my keyboard a while ago from a normal AT style keyboard to a USB type.

It all works fine with one exception: if I need to use boot time utilities I can't use my keyboard.

When my system boots from scratch the keyboard is recognised by the BIOS and works fine to select an OS etc. or use BIOS utilities. However, once Windows starts to boot (the animated progress bar stage) the keyboard lights go out again and don't come back on until the 'Loading Personal settings' notice appears. This means that I can't use the keyboard when I use CHKDSK or PerfectDisk etc. as boot time utilities. It doesn't generally matter but if I am faced with a press a key to continue prompt I can't without connecting my old AT keyboard and rebooting again!

Anyone any ideas why the USB keyboard doesn't respond during the boot sequence and any way to fix it?

Have u enabled legacy usb support in the BIOS?

Carol Haynes:
Not sure I haven't looked at the BIOS for ages, I think it was enabled. I'll check next time I reboot.

upgrade the motherboard bios if you can.

Carol Haynes:
Upgraded BIOS to last version available and it made no difference.

I think the problem is that Windows initialises its own USB drivers but there is a gap in the sequence where the keyboard is unavailable - I notice my PS2 mouse also flashes off and on at the same time - but that is pretty instantaneous.

Is there any way of forcing USB hardware initialisation earlier in the boot sequence?


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