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NEW Cody desert island wallpaper

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Pirate Cody!? :o :-*

2560 x 1024 ?? (dual monitor)
Cody travels FARR and wide, you  know! :D
-BigJim (February 23, 2008, 08:05 AM)
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sorry, i can't really do that one without editing the original image. if there were several requests for this size then i'd spend a bit of time making the changes.Very cool! Some questions arise after gazing at the picture details:

 1) Who is the captain of the bathtub?
 2) And the captain of the distant ship in the horizon?
 3) Is Cody disoriented by the loss of one of his eyes?
-Lashiec (February 23, 2008, 07:39 PM)
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1) probably the answer lies with the shark nearby.
2) i don't know the answer to that one - it's too far away to see.
3) who knows what Cody is looking at. but, sometimes you just can't see what's right in front of your face.

Wow that's fantastic!

Now I have the Desert Island image on my main monitor and the Beach image on my second monitor. Looks like Cody got to the treasure first, but he lost a leg and his pirate hat fighting off Audrey and the others.

Actually, when I look at them closer, the island in this image is in the background of the Beach image. So it seems Cody knows he's been beat to the island everyone is heading for in this picture, and heads off to another island for the real loot!

Or maybe the Beach image was taken before and it shows that sly Cody tricking everyone by making the other island look like the treasure spot but burying his treasure on another nearby island. So in this new image Cody is making sure nobody is going to where the treasure really lies!

haha, an excellent tale. and probably true.

the original desert island wallpaper, the beach, that Deozaan refers to can be found here

Now that's impressive, deozzan!

After all, cody got us all fooled, he always knew where the real treasure was :P


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