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"DonatonCoder" crew now in Drift City


Hey fellow gamers,

I have started a "crew" in the racing game I play, known as Drift City: the "DonatonCoder" crew (note spelling error, see below for reason). This is a set of players that join together to earn points, reputation, work together and also dominate the channels (servers) in racing ability.


* This allows anyone interested in the game to group with other DC'ers at any time in play.
* Easy way for anyone interested to quickly join others starting out, and get help from me (and anyone else).
* Lets everyone meet everyone else, so we know people right from the start.
* Allows us to gain a reputation on the various servers.
* etc....

* I had to remove the I in Donationcoder to fit the crew name into the requirements (and I didn't notice till after I made it, and spent $10k on it...). But it is a minor misspelling (and I couldn't avoid it anyways).
* You have to be an active member, and remember to log on regularly (trouble for some of you :P)
* You can't act foolishly (it is fun... :)) because everyone can see the Crew tag (within visual range) and we don't want a bad reputation

If you play the game, and want to join the crew, I am online most of the time so just IM me on Xfire, or any of my other 12 instant messaging options... ;D and I will meet you and get you setup :)

If you want to try the game, it is about 750MB (plus the occasional update), but will run on most PCs today. You can get started here:


nice word-play.. sounds like "Done-A-Tonne". 8)

btw, their server is down (for maintenance it seems).

Yes, it was interesting (and kinda ... angered me (I had some words)) when I found I misspelled it, but oh well. And yes, it is down for another... 2 hours. Making the servers more stable! :D


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