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OK - lets get to know each other... who are you, what do you do, where from?

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Guten tag Helmut, und willkommen!
...At the moment searching for a slot to place a software request to randomize filenames. (Lots of solutions on the net, but nothing is satisfying. ...
-HelmutWe (October 20, 2018, 07:05 PM)
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Post New Requests Here - This is the section where new coding snacks requests go.

Hello sweet communtity, I'll tell you something about me too.
I'm in the best years of my life. I studied business administration.
Computers were and still are my great passion.
I gained my first programming experience on a Commodore-64 then continued with an Amiga up to my first 286 processor :-)
In my job programming is not needed, but it is a part of me, as a hobby i could never let it be to stop.
It makes me incredibly much fun to discover new things or to improve old ones.
Since I jumped on the 286 train, I have gained a lot of experience with Assembler and Pascal.
Meanwhile I program only with Object Pascal (Delphi RAD).
This forum I found exactly like Helmut, I needed a Screen-Capture-Tool because my own didn't quite do what I wanted and I wanted to look around at the competition how it does, well I stayed at the competition :-)
And the best thing is, I can indulge my hobby here and help others with little programs or offer my own applications.
I also live in germany and wish everyone a great time!

@KodeZwerg: At last here I found ScreenshotCaptor and AutomaticScreenshotter about a year ago, both by far the best programs for my needs. The very few problems I meant to encounter were all solved by Mouser or turned up to be my faults. I still havenĀ“t explored all possibilities.
@lainB: Found it, thx. Will come up soon with some IDEAs.

I'm in the best years of my life.-KodeZwerg (October 21, 2018, 01:45 AM)
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- honestly, I thought you were a lot younger!

It's always wonderful to have new friends join our discussions here! Please make yourself at home and feel free to move in your own favorite chairs to sit down by the fire.


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