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OK - lets get to know each other... who are you, what do you do, where from?

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Hi "Mouser":

So far I kinda like what I'm seein'. This sounds like an interesting concept, and I've been doing this computer stuff for 20 years so I've seen Freeware, Shareware, Donationware, Postcardware, and I can't even remember some of the others.

Since you're just starting out, I think you should tell new members a little about yourself. Things like your age, experience level, background [like how you got started with computers, etc.], education, et al. Just give out general info.

Good luck in your endeavor.


i was thinking about putting up a little bio.
i'm one of those people who are kind of private but i realize people like to know who they are dealing with; we put a real snail mail address up on the contact page for people who want a real person to contact about registering, but it might be helpful if i put up some info about myself so people can feel like they are interacting with a real human being :)

i was actually thinking about making a blog for developer's with their software here (so far i'm the only author here but i think we will have more once i figure out the best way to do it).  might be interesting for people to hear about whether this approach is going to work or not..

i tried in the past offering my software and just making a passing reference to donations and no one ever donates, so i'm trying to do a more pro-active approach this time, while still keeping with the core idea that the software remain free for all, but just trying to offer some incentives for donating, and making it more of a community thing.

Yeah a bio sounds nice, i'd love to get a better grip on who that weird person on irc really is *hehe*

And hey, some of us donated before u made this site, so it isn't all true that noone ever donates  ;)

Hi, I'm new here & thought this would be a good way to get aquainted with other members, so w/o futher ado:

Went in Air Force right out of High school[1964], was told I was a BPC[bedpan commando] aka: Med tech. Spent 18 mos in Turkey[smelt bad], made it to Independant duty tech, on flight status got to fly all over region, came back to US & retired from AF after 4 yrs Worked at Borax mine as laborer,then heavy equipt operator.Drove amulance 1yr[lousey pay & hrs] Went into Mfg, became supervisor,quit[don't like playing politics] Worked at K-mart for awhile. Went back to mfg, became plant mgr,quit[again politics] Worked at steel mill[now thats hard work,hot too]in Illinois. Moved back to Calif, went to work at Rhor aircraft for awhile[assembling 747 engine struts]. Moved to Lake Havasu,Az,played darts, formed dart league, also filled in spare time being a sheetsewer at local waterbed sheet factory[1st male ever in job] Wandered to Texas, became a carpenter, done all kinds of construction[21 yrs worth] Had a stroke 3+ yrs ago, NOW THAT WAS FUN! Now am a wanabe puter something, enjoy trying to help people. Am married to "EXCEPTIONAL" lady[she has to be to put up with me!], 2 daughters, 7 grands[a set of triplets increases # fast]. Still in Texas[found home?] That's my sorid tale & I'm stickin to it :)

I'm a ph.d. student in computer science who should have gotten his degree about 5 years ago.  Projects like this keep me constantly in debt and delayed :(  grew up in nyc, now living in midwest.


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