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OK - lets get to know each other... who are you, what do you do, where from?

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Garboni - WELCOME! You'll fit right in here as many of us are fall into the same category. What makes this site so wonderful is that there are a lot of bona fide computer experts here who are VERY patient and VERY helpful.

miva2 - welcome to DC as well and good luck with your studies  :)

Stay, read, post and enjoy DC  :Thmbsup:

EDIT: struck through extraneous word...

Welcome Gilbert  :)

Thank you both for the warm welcomes.

I just want to say hello, I'm a new guy here.

Welcome to the site kakarukeys -- nice to meet you.
Maybe you'd like to tell us a little about yourself?

ps. I'm going to merge this with the thread for people introducing themselves.


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