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OK - lets get to know each other... who are you, what do you do, where from?

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studied Informatics (Diploma Degree) from 2006 until 2009. thesis (score of 1.7) at IBM SAP International Competence Center (ISICC) located at the SAP Partner Port near Heidelberg in Germany.
first game developed in the age of 13 years.
visit the Technical High School, Degree 1994: University student, computer science "very good"
short time i rised to 9th place in the GitHub "List of top Autohotkey developers in Germany" ( 12.07.2015 )
some you could find at
... and i searching job / project, searching partners ...
and I owe 50 euros :-[

Welcome, sl5 -- good to meet you :Thmbsup:

Hi Everyone,  GGma here in Small Town, MN.  Have 2 sons,  8 grandchildren and at last count 4 great-grandchildren. Consider myself tech-challenged, but am learning, slowly, how to do things.  Have discovered computer games, though not the role-playing ones.  Mostly homebody, love to read, crochet and quilt, but do walk for exercise three seasons of the year.  MN winter can be waaay tooo cold to walk.  Also collect cats...not live ones as we can't have pets in the apartments here.  Have over 200 cat pins.  Have no idea how much cat fabric, stuffed animals or little figurines I have. :D

hi SheilaDi, and welcome to dc

Have over 200 cat pins.
-SheilaDi (April 25, 2018, 02:15 PM)
--- End quote ---
is a pin like, a brooch? Would love to see a pic of some of them (if you felt like sharing -- and trying to figure out how to show in new post -- tip: click preview and then below the textbox you can add image). There's a lot of cat fans around here (lots of dog fans too).

Helmut Weber from a village near Landsberg, Germany. Male, 68 years old, 2004 til 2008 MS MVP for Word VBA, enjoying GAT online soon on 4K-equipment and enjoying Win 10 as well which works perfectly for me. Discovered this great side only last year when searching for a screenshot utility and found it. Almost no idea about coding, but interested nevertheless. At the moment searching for a slot to place a software request to randomize filenames. (Lots of solutions on the net, but nothing is satisfying.) In earlier years taxi-driver, linguist, journalist.


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