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OK - lets get to know each other... who are you, what do you do, where from?

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Hi guys--just registered as a result of a discussion about somebody who, from what I hear, is infamous on this site (as he is elsewhere in cyberspace including my own board): Gri. I'm certainly interested in browsing mods to SMF, since I run two boards using that code. I don't know more than entry-level coding and so code tweaking is the maximum of my talents; can't really author any of it as such.

Pleased to meet y'all!  Gri, I'm already familiar with :D
-Clara Listensprechen (February 20, 2011, 01:33 PM)
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Welcome, and congrats on having possibly the longest name on the DC!  :o  :D :D :D

Clara Listensprechen:
LOLz!!!  I already know for a fact that it's too long for Twitter. It's cut me down to "Clara Listenspre"  ;D

Chris here - just donated a bit to help Screenshot Captor ... yet to fully evaluate it.

I am an old fella - coming up 66.  Been on computers about 15 years and mainly do web work, graphics etc .... primarily these days maintaining one main site.  Live in SW PA - and getting very tired of winter!

Hardly have any time these days for forums but will I'm sure enjoy a browse thru here when I can.  Use an HP4600 workstation with two LCD mons and the system has about 1.5 million files I think, at last count when virus scanning ........ use Acronis for image generation backup and several externals help with that.

Muddling on with XP pro SP3 ...... and while Win 7 seems OK (Vista sucked when I (briefly) tried it!) - hope to see it thru until support ceases.  Sign of age, I run in classic mode such that it looks like my old friend Win 2k!!

Chris here.
-ChrisB257 (February 20, 2011, 08:55 PM)
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Welcome. Nice to see someone with such a distinguished first name!

...I run [XP] in classic mode...
-ChrisB257 (February 20, 2011, 08:55 PM)
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well, it's much better looking than the default luna theme :)
welcome to dc!


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