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OK - lets get to know each other... who are you, what do you do, where from?

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Carol Haynes:
Hi... I *swear* that I posted in this thread long ago but can find no evidence to support this so...
-Darwin (January 11, 2007, 12:17 PM)
--- End quote ---

That's because the start of the thread has been lost somehow - I started the thread not long after I joined the site but for some reason .....

If you look at my first post in this thread now here you can see I am referring back to the posting of another member earlier in the thread - all those early posts have disappeared.

Mouser do you keep any old backups or are they discarded on a rolling basis ? If you kept some ealy ones we may be able to resurrect the full thread ...

i dont discard old backups but this was sooo long ago and its a mystery to me where we lost these.  do we have any clue the date when the lost posts were in existence, and any text in them i might be able to search for?

Carol Haynes:
Abterix/Stefan mentioned that he lived in Heidelberg in an earlier message beacuse that is what I responded to. Presumably I mentioned "Yorkshire Dales" in my initial post that started the thread.

Given that messages after 17-03-2005 exist in the thread I presume any backup soon after that date will have the original posts in them (they were certainly there when I posted my comment on 31-08-2005.

Hi Every one

Its Pyr8 from the UK here and I am pleased to be a member!

I am an war pensioner (ex submarines) and ok I am 50 now but mentally retarded hehehehe I also am a wheelchair jockey that pisses off governments etc and I have always been know by the name Pirate hence my screen name and this is because I am a rebel without a cause (Not true really I have loads of causes and pet hates ie Government)

I am or was an electrical tech manager in the heavy electrical area ie power stations or any where that there are heavy electrical uses

Anyone that needs any help or advice please give me a shout as I am an insomniac and it helps keep my mind occupied!

Pyr8 :P

Carol Haynes:
Welcome Pyr8, whereabouts in the UK - there are a few of us about ;)


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