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OK - lets get to know each other... who are you, what do you do, where from?

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Jason, you lucky dog, er wolf, you! Glad to have you with us, and thanks for sharing the great photo.

I don't normally post in these types of "who are you" forums as I never really liked tooting my own horn and I usually let people get to know me by interacting with me...but I feel it's about time I do here goes:

I am a 40 yr old woman who at some point early on in life decided to become a programmer and ended up having to sweep those dreams under the rug for a bunch of reasons and never did become a programmer. But dreams have a way of coming back to haunt you, so it might be a bit late to be starting out and starting over, but better late than never.

Since I married a really 'old fashioned' Italian guy, I do not work outside of my home, and I spend most of my time on my computer.

Online pursuits:

* amateur crappy web design
* graphic art and photo restoration
* teaching myself programming
* participating in various programming communities aimed at self-education
* researching what programming ebooks are freely available and posting the links to my book site
* posting to my 11 blogs
* maintaining and improving my 7 websites and contributing graphics & coding to at least 3 others
* keeping up with 9 email accounts
* saving winmx from extinction
* chatting in no less than 11 chatrooms on 4 networks in both English and Italian (with a translator I made)
* providing volunteer pc tech support on aol to a list of about 200 people
* playing silly flash games at
* tweaking my system to improve stability, minimize the chance of data loss, and make it more organized
* going on click adventures that lead me all over the web & learning all kinds of new things
* collecting & analyzing other people's art
* downloading & trying out all kinds of freeware
* letting other people pick my brain
* socializing in a few online 'mental institutions'
* /\/\artin watching (a brilliant young programmer from the UK and I think he's such a hottie ;))
* creating a personal recipe database from all those original creations I have made over the years and scribbled down on paper (which will be shared online some day or published in book form)

Offline pursuits:

* embroidery from original designs
* crochet from original designs
* hand painting artwork on my fingernails
* sewing clothing and home accessories
* various types of crafts
* cooking & baking


I never finished high school, never went to college...but I am a certified floral designer and received my certificate from Montclair State University (totally useless). Everything I know about computers, web design, digital art, and programming... I taught myself within the last 7 years.

I am from New Jersey, USA. My small town is the official Cherry Blossom Capital of America.

Required local photos:

and a pic of me (morphed & manipulated to resemble an Alphonse Mucha style painting):

Sorry to have made this so long but next time people want to know about me I can just send them here and share both my bio and Donation Coder with them at the same time. :D

Carol Haynes:
Nice to have you on board April - great resumé (and nothing crappy about you webpage - what were you thinking of?)

Hi people.

Im marcus, 33, from the rarely warm mostly damp floating land mass called the United Kingdom . First computer i saw in action was a Commodore Pet (mostly just the green cursor as no teacher had a clue how to use it). Got a lot more into computers when i got my own VIC  20 (which in hindsight as it was the same year the C64 came out was a BAAAD purchasing decision, but you make the most of a bum deal). Progressed to a speccy (every model from the rubbery 48k to the Amstrad-a-like 128k +2, spectrums never laster to long in our house, damn you Daley Thompson) , recieved my first my first email in 1987 via a prestel terminal, moved onto the Amiga (Now, thats what i call a proper computer) and held out as long as i possibly could before buying an IBM compatible (Window 95 was my first MS experiance, im still having councilling).

Of course during this period i went to school, bunked off PE to play Match Day and Sabre Wulf, got caught bunking off, sent back to school, left school, went to 6th Form, Went to college, Travelled a while, Came back, Cut Hair , Worked for a Bank, Left Bank, Became  Engineer for the 2nd ever 0845 ISP in the UK, Learnt that the reboot cycle of an NT4 server took the same amount of time as making microwave popcorn, also learnt that just because a crimper has the words RJ45 written on them doesn`t mean that someone hasnt grinded down the teeth to make it an RJ11 crimper and the 125 patch cables you`ve just madeup just aint gonna work, Lost job due to Dot Com implosion, got new job doing pretty much exactly the same thing but for the telecoms industry, got bored, moved over to media, became broadcast engineer, got all arty farty and became an editor for a home shopping network, became really arty farty and became a compositing editor for a production house,decided that i was becoming to arty farty and maybe i should get back into IT as its more stable.

Currently roaming the country looking to find new and intresting work, like the bloke from the tv series Kung Foo - except theres not much Kung Foo involved. Even went to Wales, now thats dedication.

I enjoy a good club, a quick drink and all the usual social stuff.

Im slightly Sarcastic

I Like Pizza

My fingers now hurt after all the typing

Welcome, marcus!

I Like Pizza
-mukestar (July 12, 2006, 07:56 PM)
--- End quote ---

I think it's a standard requirement that geeks like pizza.

I even married the pizza man. I get all the free pizza I can handle.  :P


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