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What annoys you to no end?

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And I did that to inspire you to post again to ANNOY ME! ;-)

Install programs that DO NOT put an uninstall link in the start menu!

Install programs that DO NOT put an uninstall link in the start menu!
-Josh (January 04, 2010, 02:07 PM)
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Amen to that - or, well, I can live without uninstall links in the start menu as long as the program appears under add/remove programs. Samarost is an example of something that did neither... of course you only have to delete it's files to uninstall since it's flash based, but when it comes with an installer and not just a zip... this feels wrong.

I thought since the addition of Add/Remove Programs (now called Programs and Features) to Windows Microsoft has discouraged the placement of an uninstall link in the Start Menu stating that it would be better placed in Add/Remove Programs.

Regardless, I'd much rather deal with programs that added links to Add/Remove Programs and not to the Start Menu than the other way around. Daemon Tools is like this. It adds an uninstall link to the Start Menu, but nothing is to be found in Add/Remove Programs.

Sometimes I uninstall a bunch of programs en masse & having everything in one menu is handy rather than having to dig through the Start Menu for each program.

The version of daemon tools I just installed adds an entry in programs and features in Win7 x64 and x86.


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