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What annoys you to no end?

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You know, people might be desensitized to movie violence and gore however, after attending a training course, I have learned that seeing it on screen and handling it in real life are two totally different things. I thought I was pretty well de-sensitized to the gore of blood, but seeing and working with it in real life are two things which do not even compare.

U.S. doctors!!!*Doctors who won't explain anything to you.
*Doctors who insist on blowing through a list of routine questions, but who don't give the patient time to ask any questions.
*Doctors who make patients live for weeks, or months with conditions that they wouldn't tolerate for a week.
*Doctors who are about to retire. Just do it, already. Go play a round of golf. Let someone young, with perhaps some interest in their job take over!!!
*Dermatologists (one after the other) who act like beauticians, not scientists - whose only interest is to sell expensive beauty treatments, while they send patients with real problems out the door with the same tired old prescriptions, day after day, year after year. (If you're not going to take any interest in actual skin conditions, take it off your list of services!!!!)
*Doctors who won't  prescribe a patient anything to make flying easier, because, "it's just too addictive". Come on!!!! Besides the fact that I don't have a history with this "substance", a person taking one Klonapin for a 5 hour flight and one on the way home maketh NOT a candidate for rehab!!
*Doctors who won't write prescriptions that could take patients out of pain, making them pay for the misdeeds of others.
*Doctors who say, "See you in 2 weeks/one month/two months. Bye, now!" but who won't talk to you sooner if your treatment makes something worse or doesn't work at all.

Maybe it's time to change doctors?

People named wraith....oh wait, nevermind....I was thinking of the horrible movie starring Charlie Sheen

Maybe it's time to change doctors?
-wraith808 (June 22, 2009, 12:50 PM)
--- End quote ---

You know, I didn't even think of that!
Thanks! :Thmbsup:


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