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What annoys you to no end?

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Warning:   Gross-osity ahead - - - -

Remember when someone got sick on TV? I don't mean for real, but as part of a show? They usually got a sick, "Uh-oh" look, turned and ran either off-camera or at least further away from the camera, and then bent over a trash can or similar container. That was it. You got the message, right?

Then they got a little more aggressive, and started including sound effects - loud, raucous sound effects. Soon they added off-angle viewing of the actual vomiting. Nothing too close... Just a view from the side/rear, letting you see just a bit of something spewing.

And finally, here we are today, and it seems like every damn TV show insists on showing us full frontal-view, up close, personal, and totally gross vomiting. Today you won't see a vomit scene without yellowish liquid shooting out of their oral cavity. Loud, tortuous retching usually accompanies the up-close vomiting. Even shows that are not known at all for shock value or cheap tricks seem to be showing a lot of vomiting nowadays. Why? Where is the data collected by advertisers/marketing geniuses that says the more frequently you display close-up, real-looking vomit - happening-as-you-watch!! - along with the most gut-wrenching retching sounds somehow increases the shows' ratings? I need to see that data! (They must be keeping it filed away with the data that indicates viewers will definitely purchase more of their products if they crank the volume up to an ear-splitting level! But that's fodder for another post.)

Anyway, that's my chief annoyance for today, having just seen three - count 'em - three TV shows where much vomiting was had!   :o


J-mac, this post is just great. I hope someone who does the data collecting you mentioned sees this.

Thankfully, my TV's broken, because I'm a certified, straight up emetophobe. Last time I witnessed it, I blacked out.
And, if I ever hit one of those self starting videos online with something like that, I don't know what I'll do.

THREE shows in one day? What shows were they? That is RUDE!

This world is becoming desensitized, & I think this horrific vomiting scene trend proves it. People are needing scenes like this to satisfy their perverse hunger for more and more super-stimulating and bizarre entertainment. Perhaps these people need to take up racecar driving or skydiving or some adrenalin-inducing hobby like that.

The sad truth is: They wouldn't be showing it if people weren't watching it. Gross.

I remember watching a video at a friend's place years back - some dumb comedy. In one scene these kids take a roller coaster ride and start 'projectile vomiting'. The friend's mother (IRL) walked in just then. There was the two of them laughing so hard they were nearly on the floor and then there was me with a sheepish WTF grin. I just didn't get it.

I watched Monty Python's The Meaning of Life years later and saw the seminal 'masterpiece' with the obese man at the restaurant (which probably inspired a whole bunch of 'projectile vomiting' scenes in years to come). It still is the grossest, most disgusting scene I've seen in mainstream cinema. But it was SO over the top, it actually made me laugh. Go figure!

"The Meaning Of Life - The Autumn Years" on YouTube (I'm not linking!  :P)

J-Mac - I agree 100% and so does my Mum! It's not necessary...

J-Mac - I agree 100% and so does my Mum! It's not necessary...-CleverCat (June 21, 2009, 02:21 AM)
--- End quote ---

Surely it depends on the context?

eg. The Exorcist - Yes, it was split pea soup but was an integral part of the movie.
     Team America: World Police - So over the top that no one could actually think it was gross, (although I'm not sure whether to class this film as an actual documentary or not ).


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