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What annoys you to no end?

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Well f0dder, it sounds like though we disagree on the "root topic," we're on the same page of what are some of the beneficial steps to take. :Thmbsup:

I think this is why I brought up Global Warming in the first place in this thread. Because just about anywhere else, if I were to say I didn't think it was caused by man, I'd immediately be defamed, ridiculed, and shut down instead of being able to have an intelligent conversation and be able to reach the point of finding out that we both have very similar "solutions" even if we don't agree on what the problem is.

It is beyond lame. It is avoding the problem and sure it is done for profit, no merit in it.

Carbon credits is lame. I do believe that you should pay for polluting, but letting countries trade carbon credits voids the whole idea.
-f0dder (May 23, 2008, 07:28 PM)
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Opera. So close to perfection, and so delicately screwed up by a tremendous design error or badly implemented feature.

Almost anything in opera is innovative and better than most other browsers. But then, they seem to have taken pains to make _every single user on earth_ to find a showstopper.

In my case, it's no html copy/paste, and more recently, huge bugs with M2 (it just won't retrieve mail anymore; but wait, it doesn't let me export mail either -so much for changing applications!). I'm stuck with gmail... till a dev fixes the bug I carefully reported... which could easily be never.

I'm an user since v 5. I paid for it when it was not free. The advantage: I got support. Now, you cannot get support even paying. An important difference.

Btw., we haven't had a real winter in Denmark for the last many years. When I was a kid, we used to have pretty long winters with -10C or colder temperatures. Now all we get is a few weeks of snow.
-f0dder (May 23, 2008, 07:28 PM)
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IMO Global Warming is half man, half nature. Morons are driving cars spewing out god knows what, people pollute the air and... <insert page-long rant here>.

I have never seen snow. Granted I am in the desert, but cmon. In the "mountains" we get light snow for a week or two, but I personally have never seen snow (my sister hasn't either).

Winter cold here is like 40 degrees (I wear a T-Shirt and shorts, people call me insane but its fine for me) and the summers hit 125+. People should not cook themselves.

wreckedcarzz: remember to include temperature indicator - it's pretty obvious you're not talking Celcius, but still ;). Oh, and your talk of never seeing snow... makes me think that some of the "oh, shaddap about GW already" people probably live in areas of the world where they aren't currently seeing any effects of it - which makes it easy to deny that there even is a problem?


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