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What annoys you to no end?

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Any child, outside of America, that is, will know it is "über"-Curt (August 14, 2009, 06:57 AM)
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I find that hard to ünderstand.
-cranioscopical (August 14, 2009, 10:07 AM)
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üüüüü . .  ääääää . . lets see,
ö forget it . .

But not all of those kiddies have the patience to memorize ASCII or fire up charmap! 
-nosh (August 14, 2009, 09:56 AM)
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You are right; I forgot that an American keyboard is different from mine. On my Danish keyboard the "¨" is the last bütton before "Enter"!

Windows Vista and 7 start menu annoys me to no end.. oh, and the "Library" garbage.

The reason is simple, it takes ages to get to the right item compared to xp (a 3 level menu in xp equals 3-4 mouseclicks,
compared to 1 in xp).
The search thingy works, but it requires using of the keyboard, then the mouse.

I've tried using both vista and 7, and most of the reasons why I'm not about to upgrade is that
annoying start menu.
I really should be using 64bit of one of those, but currently programs for them are rather useless..
7-Zip (64bit version) and WinRar shell extensions cant extract anything into "Program files" or similar because no access
rights (and they don't ask).
7-Zip can't register its file extensions.
and so on.

Btw, why create lots of entries ABOVE the diskdrives in explorer etc??
Oh, and the annoying $RECYCLE.BIN folder on every drive (on a dual boot with xp you end up with $RECYCLE.BIN and RECYCLER).
In my mind they have no purpose and is always empty.

How would one hide them and "System Volume Information" everywhere,and still see all hidden files/folders.

MyArmor, it takes me simply hitting 1 keystroke (Windows key), typing in my search and arrowing to the result. I can usually type and find my result far quicker than scrolling through menus in any OS (XP, 2K, etc). I absolutely love the start menu as it almost duplicates functionality similar to FARR (7 does even more so since I can add custom indexed locations for the start menu search).

As for winrar, I can get winrar to extract fine to program files or system32. Doing so often results in a UAC prompt which alerts me I am writing to a protected area. I used to have problems with vanilla Vista, but havent since SP1.

@Josh, I have items which results in upto 8 hits after 6 keystrokes, the result is a total of 7 keystrokes + a mouseclick (or 1-7 additional keystrokes to get to the item in question). The search thingy doesn't seem to search only the menu. for XP the same takes a total of 2 mouseclicks and minimal movement (I use 100ms delay for the menus in xp)
So while it is more flexible (as you mentioned), it seems to require extra "work" to end with the same result.

In XP you could organize the start menu very efficiently (removing unneeded shortcuts, group them in different folders etc), but this is mostly pointless in
W7 as its behaviour doesn't allow for it to be of any real use.. i.e "submenus" takes ages to open, going up a level in the menu is another issue, etc.
I guess someone ends up recreating the XP startmenu for W7.

So far my issues with W7 is the startmenu and explorer, otherwise it seems rather good, although W64 has a long way to go to provide the same as W32.

About winrar/7-zip, I guess this might be different between 32 and 64bit as the security in W64 tends to be harsher in many ways. None of those asks (UAC) in W7 64.


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